Vivify Trucks
1 min readOct 24, 2021


We created a Business Ethics Committee.

Business Ethics Committee of Vivify Trucks

Paul Wagle


Business and Algor Ethicist


Vivify Trucks is committed to creating autonomous trucking systems that are safe and reliable. Have you ever wondered what road etiquette looks like for a robot? How fast should a truck decelerate after being cut off? How long should a blinker be on before merging into another lane? As an ethicist, Paul advises the development and testing of Vivify’s revolutionary technologies to ensure that technical progress is people driven. His day-to-day work entails partnering with developers to write AI algorithms that include values such as justice, and non-maleficence.


Paul Wagle, M.A., M.H.A. is a trained ethicist with experience at the largest non-profit healthcare organization in the world. He specializes in translating philosophical ethics into practical activity, or at Vivify Trucks, artificial intelligent robotic activity. Paul believes that responsible AI advances are essential for human flourishing.